존 프레드릭 헤링 시니어 (John Frederick Herring Snr.)

존 프레드릭 헤링 시니어    John Frederick Herring Snr. (1795-1865)

존 프레드릭 헤링 시니어는 영국화가로 그의 경력은 상당히 이례적이다. 그는 화가로서 체계적인 교육을 받은 사람도 원래 화가를 지망했던 사람도 아니었다. 

그의 원래 직업은 마부였다. 하지만 그는 관찰력도, 손재주도 겸비했던 사람이었다. 존 프레드릭 헤링은 마차의 휘장을 만들거나 거실에 거는 기장을 만드는 것으로 

화가의 길로 들어서기 시작했다. 말을 좋아해서 시간이 남으면 말을 드로잉하거나 그렸다고 한다. 

그래서 당시 주위 사람들은 그를 '마부작가'라고 부르기도 했다. 그의 작품들은 마주들인 상류계급의 눈에 들기 시작했고 그들에게서 그림주문이 들어오기 시작했다.

헤링은 '엡섬 더비'에서 우승한 21마리의 말을 그렸고, 영국 삼관 경주의 마지막인 '세인트레져 스테익스'의 우승마 33마리의 초상도 그렸다.

헤링의 작품은 인기가 많아 판화로도 만들어져 대중들에게까지 널리 보급되기도 했다. 


정확한 관찰력과 세심한 묘사가 주는 결과물은 말의 초상에 격조를 더했기 때문에 그는 프랑스 오를랑 공작의 초대를 받기도 했고 후에는 영국의 빅토리아 여왕에게 고용되어 

여왕의 말들을 그렸다. 그에게 그림주문을 하는 상류층 사람들은 모두 말에 열광적으로 빠져 있는 사람들이었다. 그들은 경쟁적으로 자신의 말이 돋보이길 바랐고 헤링은 그들의 

욕구를 충분히 충족시켜준 화가였던 것이다. 마부에서 화가가 된 헤링의 삶은 참으로 오묘하다. 인생의 여정은 예측할 수 없지만 재능은 어떤 형태로든 발현되기 마련인 것 같다. 


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John Frederick Herring, Snr. (12 September 1795 – 23 September 1865), also known as John Frederick Herring I, was a painter, sign maker and coachman in Victorian England.

He painted the 1848 "Pharoah's Chariot Horses" (archaic spelling "Pharoah"). He amended his signature "SR" (senior) in 1836, with the growing fame of his teenage son (1 of 4) John Frederick Herring, Jr.



Herring, born in 1795, was the son of a London merchant of Dutch parentage, who had been born overseas in America. The first eighteen years of Herring's life were spent in London, England, where his 

greatest interests were drawing and horses. In the year 1814, at the age of 18, he moved to Doncaster in the north of England, arriving in time to witness the Duke of Hamilton's "William" win the St. Leger 

Stakes horserace. By 1815, Herring had married Ann Harris; his sons John Frederick Herring, Jr., Charles Herring, and Benjamin Herring were all to become artists, while his two daughters, Ann and Emma,

both married painters.


In Doncaster, England, Herring was employed as a painter of inn signs and coach insignia on the sides of coaches, and his later contact with a firm owned by a Mr. Wood led to Herring's subsequent 

employment as a night coach driver. Herring spent his spare time painting portraits of horses for inn parlors, and he became known as the "artist coachman" (at the time). Herring's talent was recognized

by wealthy customers, and he began painting hunters and racehorses for the gentry.


In 1830, John Frederick Herring, Senior left Doncaster for Newmarket, England, where he spent three years before moving to London, England. During this time, Herring might have received tuition from 

Abraham Cooper. In London, Herring experienced financial difficulties and was given financial assistance by W. T. Copeland, who commissioned many paintings, including some designs used for the

Copeland Spode bone china. In 1840-1841, Herring visited Paris, painting several pictures, on the invitation of the Duc d'Orleans (the Duke of Orleans), son of the French King Louis-Phillipe.


In 1845, Herring was appointed Animal Painter to HRH the Duchess of Kent, followed by a subsequent commission from the ruling Queen Victoria, who remained a patron for the rest of his life.



In 1853, Herring moved to rural Kent in the southeast of England and stopped painting horse portraits. He spent the last 12 years of his life at Meopham Park near Tonbridge, where he lived as a country 

squire. He then broadened his subject matter by painting agricultural scenes and narrative pictures, as well as his better known sporting works of hunting, racing and shooting.


A highly successful and prolific artist, Herring ranks along with Sir Edwin Landseer as one of the more eminent animal painters of mid-nineteenth (19th) century Europe. The paintings of Herring were 

very popular, and many were engraved, including his 33 winners of the St. Leger and his 21 winners of the Derby. Herring exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1818-1865, at the British Institution from 

1830-1865, and at the Society of British Artists in 1836-1852, where Herring became Vice-President in 1842.


Herring created hundreds of paintings which were acknowledged during his lifetime.


농장의 동물들 (Tiere bei der Farm)
존 프레드릭 헤링 시니어
가로 53.5 cm * 세로 35.3 cm
체스터필드 경의 경주마 "돈 존"
존 프레드릭 헤링 시니어
가로 30 cm * 세로 22.7 cm
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